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Anti Ride Naturel

This video teaches you how to prevent aging using natural methods.

anti rides naturel – 6 conseils efficaces from Villa Sanchez on Vimeo.

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Depth Factor Meditation Program for Meditation Citadel

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We have not received any compensation for writing this post. We have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that we have mentioned.

How to Grow Eyelashes

Eyelashes are great piece of our body. It makes us delightful and enhances our appearances. Also, it makes us enchanting and delightful.

Note: The french version entitled: Comment faire pousser les cils can be found at:

As much as I need to have really long lashes, I additionally would prefer not to look fake by applying harmful pastes required for fake eyelashes (that frequently tumble off) particularly when going to an uncommon get-together with your adored ones.

It has happened to some of companions and I comprehended what they experienced. It was embarrassing to the point that one of them needed to take one three day weekend from work to deal with the niggling issue.

Be that as it may, when they connected the little tips I’m going to dish to you, their eyelashes began becoming actually and got to be thicker and more grounded.

Common look is the best, trust me. I cherish looking characteristic and I’ll like to utilize this fabulous chance to tell my female people what I did to have those long, really, dark, thick, and lovely eyelashes.

So underneath are my 6 strong tips that will show you how to develop eyelashes appropriately and normally.

So we should go there…

1) Castor Oil

Castor oil has worked gloriously well for me and for some.

Castor oil is utilized for expanding development of eyelashes, as well as for developing your hair and for eyebrows as well!

This is on the grounds that it contains valuable antibacterial and mitigating properties, which in blend with a rich wellspring of supplements helps in empowering hair development.

Use: If you are mulling over on utilizing castor oil (which is an unmistakable must), the first thing you need do is wash the territory around your eyes until it is spotless of any cosmetics or items.

At that point, you can utilize either your finger or a cotton fleece to delicately yet gradually apply the castor oil from the roots or base of the eyelashes to the closures or top of the it.

You just need a drop or two to cover the lashes for every eye, a little goes far. Apply the castor oil no less than a couple times each week.

2) Massage Eyelids

Rubbing the eyelid territory and close to the lashes expand blood stream and flow, which urges your lashes to develop! This sounded good to me when I discovered this tip as I likewise do it for my hair! Consistently I knead my scalp to expand hair development. That alone has incredibly expanded the development of my lashes. So give it a shot as well.

) Vitamin E

Do you realize that Vitamin E not just aides in treating imperfections on your skin, additionally, in a more noteworthy degree, helps in making your eyelashes become thicker?

It’s easy to apply. Get a few Vitamin E and apply it to your lashes by rubbing it tenderly on it and watch it become thicker. Do it every other week or once in a week.

4) Green Tea

Green tea is additionally extremely valuable and essential. Make a cool green tea, permit it to cool and after that swipe or ransack it over your eyelashes tenderly and deliberately with cotton fleece.

Why is green tea viable?

It is exceptionally compelling in light of the fact that the caffeine and flavonoids, found in green tea will keep up the development of existing lashes and empower new development as well. Got that? Okay how about we proceed onward to the following one.

We have not received any compensation for writing this post. We have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that we have mentioned.

Robots—How Far Have They Come?

ROBOTS. What images does that word conjure up in your mind? Some people view robots as friendly—as benevolent partners or helpmates. Others view them as a threat—machines with superior intelligence, perhaps one day replacing humans. Still, to many others, robots are more the fare of science fiction than of real life.

What about today? According to estimates from a study released in 2006 by the International Federation of Robotics, there are almost one million industrial robots in service worldwide, and of these almost half exist in Asia. Why is there such a demand?

What Robots Are Doing

robots doing some work

Imagine a worker who is always on the job, who never complains, and who can work tirelessly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Well, industrial robots are doing just that as they churn out a host of automotive, electrical, and household items. Robots live up to their name, which comes from the Czech word robota, meaning “forced labor.” It is estimated that in the car-manufacturing industry in 2005, there was 1 robot for every 10 workers!

Robots, though, are no longer confined to the factory. They now come equipped with such things as voice-recognition software, gyroscopes, wireless data communication, Global Positioning Systems, and a range of sensors including those for heat, force, ultrasound, chemicals, and radiation. More powerful and versatile than ever, robots are performing tasks that were viewed as impossible just a few years ago. Consider some examples.


In a hospital in Great Britain, a pharmacy robot with mechanical arms retrieves and dispenses medication within seconds. The U.S. Postal Service has a host of robots that are used to sort, lift, and stack trays of parcels. Snake-arm robots can reach into confined spaces—such as inside airplane wings—to perform inspections or repairs.


In a nursing home in Japan, elderly patients take turns stroking a cute, furry robotic baby seal. The robot seal is sensitive to touch, light, sound, and temperature, as well as even to the way it is held. It can mimic animal behavior and respond by cooing, blinking its eyes, and wiggling its fins. The robot seal is said to fill a basic human need for companionship and is used as a form of therapy.


A robot with three arms stands over a patient. Several feet away, a surgeon buries his head in the viewfinder of a giant console to peer at a 3-D image of his patient’s heart. The surgeon controls the robot’s arms as it snips and sews to repair a faulty heart valve. This system allows for minimally invasive surgery because of the robot’s extreme precision of movement, resulting in reduced trauma to the body, reduced blood loss, and quicker recovery.


Just press a button, and a disk-shaped robot goes to work vacuuming your floors. The robot covers open areas in a widening spiral motion and navigates along walls, eventually “learning” the room layout. It detects stairs and avoids them. The robot automatically stops when finished and heads to its recharging station. Over two million of these vacuum robots are now in use.


A six-wheel mobile robot named Spirit explores the surface of Mars. With scientific instruments and tools attached to its robotic arm, the rover robot examines the composition of soil and rocks. Using its onboard cameras, Spirit has taken more than 88,500 images of Mars, including those of the planet’s terrain, craters, clouds, dust storms, and sunsets. It is one of the robotic vehicles currently in operation on Mars.

Search and Rescue

Beneath the smoking debris of a superheated pile of twisted steel beams and shattered concrete of the collapsed World Trade Towers, 17 basketball-size search-and-rescue robots went to work, looking for survivors. Since then, more-advanced models have been developed, such as the one shown below.


Autonomous underwater vehicles are being used by scientists to explore earth’s final frontier—the ocean. These robotic vehicles are unmanned and self-powered. Other applications underwater include search-and-recovery operations, inspection of telecommunication cables, tracking whales, and minesweeping the ocean.

How Much Like Humans?

For centuries, man has dreamed of building a humanoid—a robot resembling a human. But how technically elusive that dream has been! “The complexity of building supercomputers, erecting skyscrapers, or even designing whole cities pales beside the task of imbuing machines with humanlike motor skills, synthetic sight, smell, hearing, and touch, plus something that approximates human intelligence,” observed the journal Business Week.

Take, for example, the seemingly simple task of making a humanoid robot that can walk. Following 11 long years of painstaking research and development—and after spending untold millions of dollars—Japanese engineers achieved that amazing technical feat in September 1997. Since then, humanoids have been developed to the point that they can climb stairs, run, dance, carry items on a tray, push a cart, and even pick themselves up off the floor when they fall!

What About the Future?

What is the future of robots? The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration is currently developing a “robonaut,” a humanoid capable of doing dangerous tasks in space. Bill Gates, a well-known leader of the personal computer revolution, says that likely “robots will play an important role in providing physical assistance and even companionship for the elderly.”

Similarly, a report released by the Japanese government envisions a society in 2025 where robots coexist with humans and serve as caregivers, assist in childrearing, and perform household chores. By 2050, researchers hope to see an all-robot soccer team defeat a team of humans. And it is also hoped that within a few decades, machines capable of exceeding human brain power will be developed.

As bold as such predictions may be, not everyone shares the same optimism regarding their fulfillment. Concerning the technical challenges faced, artificial-intelligence researcher Jordan B. Pollack observed: “We’ve fundamentally underestimated how good a programmer Mother Nature is.”

How far robots progress remains to be seen. However, one thing is certain: The ability to love and to exercise wisdom, justice, and power will always remain unique to humans. Why? The Bible clearly states that unlike other living creatures, only man was created in God’s image.

Humans are not cold, calculating automatons. They are free moral agents, who have consciousness and the ability to worship God. May this fact move us to draw closer to our Creator, Jehovah God!

We have not received any compensation for writing this post. We have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that we have mentioned.